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My Bf had called the Coventry store in ri contacted them about buying a 24 gun safe the lady handling the phone call assured him the safe and someone to get it in the truck would be there waiting. After work the two of us take a 30 min ride to get the safe in his truck which isnt exactly great on gas.

We are walking around the safes just checking them out to make sure he's choosing the right one, and a rather old shorter lady approached us and asked if he was the one that called about the safe followed by yea sorry we cant help you its 6pm on a Wed and they only have 3 girls on who all aren't certified to run a forklift now we get to drive another hour and 45 mins to get to the store in ct. All I'm saying is that if you guys sell it tell us you have it you sure as *** should be able to get it loaded and out of the store like wtf.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Lagrange, Georgia, United States #705724

Again "Anonymous" you have totally missed the point of the "customer's" comment. The issue is, if you sell a product, then have sufficient staff to move it, at least, to put it on the customer's vehicle.

Again, Tractor Supply is the company that is making a profit on the product.

I still think you are either an employee of Tractor Supply and probably a manager. Your attitude of blaming a customer for expecting customer service belies you.

to Joe6844 South Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States #781258

sounds like anonymous may have been a manager before. been two years since i've been there.

would never go back.


TSC does have a problem with staffing - They are not Lowes or Home Depot - they don't have a person in each department. Most of the time, there are three people on the floor.

One is stuck on the register. Also, remember that people call in sick, new hires may not be fully trained, and yes, some managers suck at making schedules.

Coventry, Rhode Island, United States #662395

must have been one of their new leaders. very disorganized store; they let go a good cashier who was alot of help when we needed to find stuff in the stor and another employee.

the mangment staff talks behind the customers backs constantly. they dont seem to care who heers them badmouth the customers. i now go to other stores for what i need; beets getting an atitude from the mgmt staff on the weekends... it used to be a fun stor to go to but not since last year....

never have enough farm supplies, they carry 1 of each. :sigh


under staffed. Manager is unqualified.

They dont pay enough to get qulified people.

Company is way to cheap to provide proper material handling tools to perform their jobs, AND HE 2-3 MEN THAT WORK THERE ARE RESPONSIBLE TO DO ALL THE HEAVY TASK. BURNT OUT AND DONE


not surprised. That seems to happen alot.

If ya cant handle the job, find a job ya can handle... to many good folks out there looking for a decent job.

I go to Home Depot or Lowe's. Much better service

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