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I purchased an extended warranty for 249 dollars when I bought a lawn tractor 2 years ago from Tractor Supply in Hudson New York The tractor has been out of service since June and went to 2 different repair shops now they are telling the repair shops the warranty is no good They have been giving me a run around all summer and every time you call the service line they are very polite but claim they are told by supervision to deny the repair. No one has told me the reason. I have a copy of the warranty contract and there is no reason that they shouldn't repair the tractor

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Like Kim said, " What u have is an service plan. It begins when the original warranty fromt he mower is over, it covers mainly mechanical parts", how ever the mower being detailed over 800$ should of been picked up and returned free of charge.

The tsc store u purchased the unit at should have a service center they regularly deal with, that's an authorized mtd or cubcadet repair shop. You must all ways protect your self when dealing with power equipment not to let just any one touch it because if some one does your coverage is out the window so cya.The problem you might face is if the repair is do to neglect ; for example if you don't use a fuel stabilizer or treatment and the carburator clogs up or gets pits in it from the alcohol in the gas ,this will not be cover if the unit is 2years or 2 months old by the

Manufacturer .

How ever if you purchased the extended coverage tsc might be kind enough to replace it. If you have the power plus booklet that you should of received theirs an number you can call and they will be able to tell you who us authorized to work on your unit so call them first and cya .

I hope this helps u or some one else , thanks Andre



This is total bull it's taken 3 years for a reply (come on)

I threw the tractor away it was useless. I have never bought

anything from Tractor supply since. This was a valid warranty and should have been corrected. you people should be ashamed



What u have is an service plan. It begins when the original warranty fromt he mower is over, it covers mainly mechanical parts, not things like tires or belts or stuff like that.

If u are over the time limit even by a day it is not covered anymore, or if it is told by the mechanic that it is due to repeated misuse of the mower it will not be covered. hope this helps some...thank u

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