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Recently I purchased three "Tough-1 Original Hay Hoops Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder With Net" units from Tractor Supply. I used them a couple weeks and they started to tear apart. I was solicited by email to write a review. I did and rated them 1 star. Then I got an email response rejecting my review without giving specific reasons why it was rejected. I feel like they rejected it because of my negative review and this would adversely affect... Read more

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Apparently TSC has a 59 minute time limit if you need to cancel an online order. How *** is that? I have never had a company not give you at least several hours. I called Land's End after 3 hours just the other day and they were very friendly and gave me no hassle at all. Now I have to spend my own money to return since my items are not carried in store. Also, their Muck brand boots were more expensive than they are if you order from the Muck... Read more

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Lost customer. I just went to Tractor Supply Co. for my bi-weekly purchase of (very expensive) dog food. I attempted to pay with CASH and the cashier wanted my phone number. When I asked her why, she replied that "It's Corporate Policy." I got my cash back and left the store. Maybe I am a grumpy old man, but I am sick and tired of these corporations collecting my private information. They need my phone number to spend cash? Really? I went to... Read more

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I was at Tractor Supply resently in Marion, Va. I can't beleve that there was only two thats right (2) Employees working and when asked one a quation they have no knowlede of anything what so ever. an they also tgink that everything they look at on the computer is right they have no comen sense at all. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GET SOMEBODY THERE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AN CAN HELP FOLKS OUT! YOU MORONS!!!! i very serisly think ill be back... Read more

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I purchased a Cub Cadet RZT S 54 online from Tractor Supply. After 6 weeks and 7 hours of ownership, the right rear transmission has seized. The lawn mower is now inoperable. I contacted the Pearisburg VA TS store where I picked it up and was told that I did not purchase it from them I purchased it from TS online. They Would not help me in any way but to provide a customer service number for Cub Cadet. I also contacted TS customer survice and... Read more

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Tractor Supply - Very poor packaging for shipment
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I am shocked at how this package arrived. 2 18 lb bags of pet food were wrapped so poorly, both we and the UPS driver were very surprised it made it in one piece. As you can see in the photos, a larger box was used, and just folded around the product and taped (with very thin, weak plastic tape... the type I will never purchase again) on one side, with just a short piece, not even going all the way around the box. One side of the box was just... Read more

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I have been a long time customer and have never been treated with so mich disrespect in my life by a young wannabe manager named Kyle at the katy store. If that is all ypu can get from an employee in management you better change and look for customer service this is sad.

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I need a repair kit for a cast iron water pump Sku#102813599. I need #4 Overhaul Kit (4a4b4c) FPPKG 225-p2. As shown in your manual. I have make several calls and your local store manager has made several calls and we can get no service. Please help. The pump worked good but needs this kit. We ran the pump dry. We ahve spend a hour in your store with the managet on the phone. I have spend an hour on the phone. No one can help us with this... Read more

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I purchased a husked LT 4200 new from tractor supply on 9 mile Ed in Pensacola fl . And it's the biggest piece of disfunctional *** I've ever seen in my 12 years as a mechanic . It purrs like a kitten and runs like a champ but the design of the blade driving belt and pulley system is the biggest piece of mower designing *** in lawn mower history and quite frankly MTD and tractor supply incorporated aught to be down right embarrassed to sell it... Read more

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First off this story starts off good. I had saw a kayak on there website that was on sale for $279.99. I tried to order it but it was out of stock. So I called customer service and was told it is unavailable. So I kept checking back and once the sale ended I was able to order it at a higher price, this was unacceptable. So I called and spoke to a gentleman and he made this happen and I got the kayak for the lower price plus shipping. Once I got... Read more

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